Employee Wellness Clinics

Our FREE monthly Employee Wellness Clinics are an easy way for you to provide your employees with various services and timely health and wellness information shared by a Registered Nurse on a regular basis. The Employee Wellness Clinics are open to all of your employees and we only require that at least ten people elect to receive Vitamin B-12 injections each month. Your first Employee Wellness Clinic can be scheduled anytime and publicized throughout your company on a trial basis to gauge the interest level. We will schedule a Registered Nurse to visit your location each month to offer FREE blood pressure checks, Vitamin B-12 injections, vaccines and simple blood tests and information about current health issues and vaccine preventable diseases that affect people of all ages.  

This very important information will help keep your employees and their families healthier and better informed about serious health issues!  Offering this as a perk to your employees will demonstrate to your insurance company that you have an ongoing program where a registered nurse comes onsite each month to help with your employees wellness needs! Because this service may help keep employees healthier, your insurance company may charge lower premiums.

The best part about an Employee Wellness Clinic provided by SHOTS, etc. is there is NO CHARGE to your company for the nurse to visit your location once a month!  All services are paid for by the individual, but the Blood Pressure checks are FREE!  With you or someone in management as our contact person, all we ask you to do is help publicize that we will be there!  After you have booked an ongoing appointment with us, you will receive an email reminder 2-3 days before your scheduled appointment that includes a link to our Monthly Wellness Newsletter. Please forward that email in it's entirety to all of your employees (not just those you think may be interested) so that everyone receives the valuable health information we have to share!

Then leave the rest to us!  We will continue to send a nurse to your company on a monthly basis to help keep your employees healthy throughout the entire year!

If you do not have enough employees to participate in the Employee Wellness Clinic, they may come to our office to receive Vitamin B-12 injections as well as any of our other services!

Employee Wellness Poster - please print this poster, adding the details of your monthly EWC and hang it prominently in your break room, restrooms, by the time clock and elevator for your employees to be aware of our ongoing clinics.