Yellow Fever

Protect Yourself with Yellow Fever Vaccine!

Yellow Fever is a viral disease that is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. Yellow Fever occurs in tropical regions of Africa and in parts of South America. Yellow Fever is a very rare cause of illness in U.S. travelers, but Yellow Fever vaccination is strongly recommended and oftentimes required for entrance into certain countries. The last epidemic of Yellow Fever in North America occurred in New Orleans in 1905.

What can people do to prevent becoming infected with Yellow Fever virus?

Yellow Fever can be prevented by vaccination with Yellow Fever vaccine, a live virus vaccine which has been used for several decades. Because Yellow Fever no longer occurs in the United States or most of the world, only travelers to certain parts of the world need to take the Yellow Fever vaccine. A traveler's risk for acquiring Yellow Fever is determined by various factors, including their immunization status, travel destination and itinerary, time of year, length of exposure and level of local occurrence.

Travelers should get vaccinated for Yellow Fever before visiting areas where Yellow Fever occurs. In the United States, the vaccine is given only at designated, government approved Yellow Fever vaccination centers. International regulations require proof of Yellow Fever immunization for travel to and from certain countries in Africa and South America. Yellow Fever vaccine must be given at least 10 days before entry into Yellow Fever endemic areas in order to provide effective protection and to comply with entrance requirements of certain countries. A single dose confers immunity lasting 10 years or more. If a person is at continued risk of Yellow Fever infection, a booster dose is needed every 10 years. Adults and children over 9 months can take this vaccine.

Travelers should also avoid mosquito bites when traveling in tropical areas by wearing protective clothing, using mosquito repellents and sleeping under mosquito bed nets when in areas with Yellow Fever transmission. Mosquitoes that spread Yellow Fever usually bite during the day, especially at dusk and dawn.

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