Travel Products

When you travel outside of the United States, there are other products you should consider purchasing to help you stay healthy and protected from mosquitoes and other bugs that carry dreaded diseases, to be sure you have clean water to drink and to be well-prepared for certain medical emergencies requiring first aid supplies.

     SHOTS, etc. has partnered with TravMed, a reputable and cost-effective provider of travel supplies to give you convenient access to necessary travel products that will be delivered to your door! There is no need to drive all over town looking for these supplies...the convenience is right here! Be sure you have accessed the most up-to-date Travelers Health information at for your specific destination. Read what is suggested about how to be fully prepared for your trip, and then click on this link (press and hold the ctrl button and left click on this link) to go to their site.

     Please visit their site only through this link on our website so we can track the success of our referrals. With your help, we will donate a portion of the proceeds from these sales to charitable organizations serving the needs of children.