Health Risk Assessment

As you know, employee health and wellness is vital to the success of every business. Your employees' physical and emotional health affects their personal lives as well as their work performance and you are in a unique position to help your employees stay healthy at work, at school and at play! The following information will explain more fully the details of our HRA program which is available to companies as well as individuals. HRA's for individuals are available only in our offices by appointment.

Our Health Risk Assessment program will help identify specific risk factors that influence your employees present and future health. By identifying these risk factors, your company will see what behaviors, good and bad, affect your employees' lives. This information can then be used to initiate certain programs to help your employees manage the lifestyle changes that will help them lead happier, healthier lives, both on the job and off! Numerous studies have shown that healthy employees have a higher morale, decreased absenteeism due to illness and call-ins, and higher productivity in all areas!

The SHOTS, etc. Health Risk Assessment program offers you the flexibility of choosing the services you wish to offer according to your budget. The program revolves around our comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire which addresses personal health and family history, physical activity, nutrition, substance use, stress and coping skills, social health, safety, medical care and the individual's personal view of health and wellness. Tests that are performed and evaluated by our team of healthcare professionals may include:

     ● height and weight measurements
     ● Blood Pressure
     ● body fat analysis
     ● blood screening for cholesterol, triglycerides and heart risk ratio
     ● fasting blood glucose
     ● kidney and liver function
     ● complete blood count
     ● individualized fitness testing
     ● bone density testing
     ● colorectal cancer screening kits
     ● vision testing

Other screening blood tests, such as PSA (prostate test for men), CRP and homocysteine levels for heart health and hormone levels for men and women are also available, if desired. A fifteen minute counseling session per participant to discuss individual results is included in the program. Once we determine just how comprehensive you wish your program to be, our team of professionals will administer the program at your workplace on a schedule to fit your company's needs.

At this time, containment of rising healthcare costs is a primary concern for us all! The professionals of
SHOTS, etc. strongly believe in the importance of education in empowering people to make better lifestyle choices.
Early detection and prevention of disease is a win-win situation for both you and your employees! SHOTS, etc. wants to partner with you to help keep your employees happy, healthy and on-the-job for you.

Please call or email us today for details specific to your company's needs and to schedule your company's
Health Risk Assessment program or Biometric Screening appointment! You may reach Barbara VanderLoop, Director of HRA at 615.469.7413 or by email at