Now offers... LIPO-MIC-B6/B12
Enhanced FAT BURN and ENERGY BOOST injection!
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LIPO-MIC-B6/B12 is a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are necessary nutrients for our bodies. When taken in this combination AND in conjunction with exercise and calorie reduction, many people report an increase in their metabolism, a loss of inches and/or pounds, more energy and other benefits!

The ingredient list of this weekly injection was formulated by an MD and a licensed compounding pharmacist specifically for administration by the nursing professionals of SHOTS, etc.

Please Note: This injection contains NO SULFA and NO STIMULANTS of any kind such as caffeine, ephedrine or phentermine that could cause heart problems.
This injection does NOT appear to interact with any medications.

This once-weekly injection is intended to help anyone who desires to lose weight, but has been reported to be most effective in individuals desiring to lose 30-50 pounds or for anyone who has reached a “plateau” or “hit the wall”
in their weight loss efforts!

Because these are natural ingredients, this injection may be taken weekly for the duration of your weight loss efforts. Persons taking this weekly injection should drink plenty of water to prevent constipation and help flush the toxins from their body.

Only $20 per weekly injection from SHOTS, etc.

Click here for detailed information about the ingredients in the
SHOTS, etc. Enhanced LIPO-MIC-B6/B12 fat burning/energy boost injection!

Disclaimer: Reports of fat burning and weight loss results have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Please note: Anyone with chronic kidney disease must consult with their personal physician
prior to receiving this injection.

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